Terrance Mason is a Portland Oregon based interior designer with over twenty years of design experience, serving residential and commercial clients. He is an active member and Past President of The Northwest Society of Interior Designers (NWSID).


His design passion is creating comfortable, awe-enriching interiors balanced by a “little bit of whimsy.”  His philosophy is simple: create powerful interior spaces that reflect the client’s style.  His focus is helping his clients articulate their own personal narratives, tastes and subtle nuances.  He takes great pleasure in uncovering a client’s likes and dislikes, idiosyncrasies, collections, and unique color palette. As he states, “I am here to help my clients design interiors that tell their story.” 

NWSID, Professional Member
Past President  2012-2013


Terrance has a great passion for the history of design in both architecture and furnishings. He has been able to travel extensively throughout Europe and North America, thus enhancing his portfolio of inspiration. “After all, design is interlinked:  A hotel lobby in France could be the inspiration for my next client’s living room.” He also annually attends the International Furniture Market, where he is able to keep up with the very latest trends and build lasting relationships directly with the manufacturers.


Terrance brings to his clients over twenty years experience as a designer.  Prior to receiving his degree of Applied Sciences in Interior Design, he spent over a decade as an award-winning pastry chef and as a distinguished floral designer.  These two prior incarnations grounded him in the fundamentals of design, application, and execution.  His experience as a professional chef, allows him the expertise to design functional as well as aesthetically pleasing kitchens for the home.  In 2009 he relocated his firm from Denver to Portland Oregon.


Terrance takes a hands-on, direct approach to his design work.  Sensitive to his clients’ preferences as to email, text, or phone, he is proactive in communication.  “I am here to help the client make sound decisions, achieve the best value for their investment, and advocate for my client’s interests.”  On the flip side, he has developed very strong vendor relationships, which allows him leverage to bring his client’s the best products at the best price. “ I strive to be thoughtful and forward-looking so that I can plan for and help overcome any contingencies that may crop up during the design project.”


When working on design projects, Terrance applies a consistent process of first understanding the client and then making custom selections.  This process will likely include the clients color preferences, collections, lifestyle, and financial resources.  The client will likely have needs and environmental considerations.  After completing the design profile, Terrance will create a unique space plan that will guide the design work and the specific site.  He will then make selections, including furniture, textiles, colors, and architectural enhancements.  He is able handle all aspects of procurement, delivery, and installation and will guide the client through this process.  He also will meet periodically throughout the project, with on-site visits, moving the work forward until the last details are in place.