When hiring an Interior Designer you become the direct beneficiary of their expertise, experience, passion and innovation. At Terrance Mason Interiors it is our goal to create a space that reflects your lifestyle. The following list is what you can expect when hiring us:

Listening to YOUR needs: Our number one goal is to listen to your needs throughout every aspect of the project. We will look to you to understand your challenges of functionality, space planning, storage and scheme. We will take that information to create a space designed just for you!

Helping you to set a realistic budget: We will work you to establish a realistic budget for the project. We work with you to understand the different levels of quality that are available in product,  how they will perform for you and what will work within your budget.

Help you to establish priorities: We are aware that many people can’t financially take on all aspects of what they wish to do in a design project. We will help you to determine how to best allocate your available funds now and how to plan for future phases of the project.

Guidance and direction: There are myriads of options available, and we will help to edit the options that will fit within your style. It is our job to help all who will inhabit the space to be on board with the choices of the design. Often the designer will help to facilitate compromises, creating a cohesive design than fits the desires of both spouses.

Resources: We have access to furnishings, fabrics, fixtures and accessories that are available “To the Trade Only”.  We also work with local and national manufactures to create custom furnishings, tile, metal work and other items that would be otherwise unavailable to most consumers.

Creating a successful “Team”: Our design is only successful if it is executed well. We continue to seek out relationships with the best contractors, workrooms and craftsmen to make sure that the “Team” working on your project will result in the highest quality finished product.

Save you money: With our experience and expertise we will work hard to get you the best value for your money. We will help you the make the right choices the first time thus preventing costly mistakes. We also have access to wholesale pricing on many items which means you will often end up paying less than retail.

Save you time: We are able to save you time by making selections and bring them to you. We can bring tear sheets, samples and drawings so that you can “shop at home”.

Liaison/advocate: We work with trades-people and manufacturers regularly and have more leverage to get things repaired or replaced when necessary.

Completion: We realize that design projects can often take many months or even years depending on the scope. Our goal is for your satisfaction, therefore, we are committed to be there till the end making sure that the final product is just as originally envisioned.