April / May 2013, NW Renovations


“Terrance came into our home and transformed our living room into a space we never imagined it could be.  It was such a pleasure to work with him.  He is knowledgeable and professional.  He made us feel comfortable to ask questions, give opinions, and work honestly within our budget.  It is such a pleasure to now have a living room that everyone loves.  We are looking forward to working with Terrance on future projects.”

Noah and Shelly vanDresser, Portland, OR


“I hired Terrance Mason Interiors to help me with designing and furnishing my new home.   Terrance has been amazing on so many levels.  I love “things” and had quite a lot of them around my old house.  Terrance was able to help me look at each item and assess if it was really special to me and if I really wanted to bring it with me to my new house.  He then incorporated the items I did wish to keep, so each item stands out instead of being lost in a sea of clutter.   I also love bold colors and used them on every wall in every room of my old house.  Terrance was able to bring in those bold colors in a much more creative and sophisticated way than just painting everything in sight!  Terrance was masterful at understanding my “style” and presented me with furniture, lighting and rug choices that exceeded my expectations and then put everything together in a way I never would have been able to do on my own!”

Lisa Hall, President of Segments, LLC, Lakewood, CO


“All I had to do was make one decision and that was to hire Terrance… he took care of the rest.”

Scott Elrod, Film and TV Actor, Los Angeles, CA


“…his creative skills are some of the best.  Terrance will get the job done and save money and time in doing so.”

Clive R Tyler, Plein Air American Impressionist, Santa Fe, NM


“Terrance is easy to work with and so very, very talented!  I had some ideas but needed advice and help with the big picture. Terrance helped me assemble the proper textures, colors, furniture and objects to make a consistent room.  He worked within my time-frame and budget. Terrance not only shopped for me and with me, but he also was able to recommend creative ways to use some of my existing pieces and saved me money.  I absolutely love his attention to detail.  My house is beautiful!!!  I’ve referred him to several of my friends who are also very pleased with his work. He is able to adapt to your preferences, needs and lifestyle.  If you walked into my friends’ homes, you would never know that we all worked with Terrance. He’s that dynamic.”

J. Lloyd, Cherry Creek, CO


“If you want a Designer who cares about your home as much as you do, call Terrance Mason Interiors. Terrance did all the work on the inside of my home.  He did a fabulous job picking all the paint colors and matched everything to all the grass cloth he selected.  When he was all done, my home looked like something out of a magazine. I would highly recommend Terrance AND if you’re lucky enough to get him, I know you’ll love the job he does for you, too.”

Drew Murphy, Littleton, CO


“It was wonderful finding someone that understood exactly what my loft needed to stand out, while being livable and comfortable on a daily basis.  I will definitely be asking for Terrance’s help in the future as my needs change and evolve.  I recommend all my friends and associates to him.”

Ed Stass, Denver, CO


“Terrance has been a fantastic person to work with and the quality of his work is beyond brilliant. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Dan Murphy, Partner of Maxim Lending Group, Highlands Ranch, CO