Every one can tell you what they don’t like…it can often be much harder to determine the things that you do like. Knowing what you don’t like can give you some direction to things that you do like…thus giving you direction to a STYLE.

Why does it even matter knowing your style?

Simply put, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Being able to define your style is vital in all conversations about your home, with your friends, with your designer. Providing guidelines and rules, a defined style can help your designer narrow down all the available choices to a reasonable number of options, thus aiding in the decision process. Such guidelines can help you with major tasks, like coloring or layouts, and even with specific details, like fabrics and finishes.

Make it personalYOU have to live with it.

When working with your designer, always make sure to voice your likes and dislike so as to not lose yourself in the design that is agreed upon. Try not to be swayed by others opinion, often it is easy to listen to friends and family that mean well, but they will try to tell you their preferences rather than you doing something that reflects you.  Don’t worry if you can’t identify a distinct style at first. Even if you see no pattern or consistency to your tastes, take note of each aspect. You and your interior designer will be able to connect the dots and cohesively implement your tastes into a well-integrated style. If your space is shared with a companion make sure that their opinions are considered. Decisions that are made together will save many fights later!

How do you determine your style?

Determining your style will be one of the first things that will be done when working with your designer, but there are things you can do that will help out the process. We suggest starting a file, either physical or virtual, to document things that you like. Don’t worry about focusing on finding the exact items that want, your designer will help you narrow that down.Home magazines, such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and Veranda, are a great source for ideas that can be clipped and put into your file. Organize these pictures into catagories like furniture, area rugs, accessories, kitchen and bath, etc. This file will help your designer by painting a “picture” of your style, thus allowing them to create a space truly designed for you.

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