Rich earth tones, reds, oranges, rusts, and gold fill this home.  Luxurious furnishings decorate the rooms.  A lived-in, collected appearance runs throughout the space, with oil paintings of Tuscan landscapes adorning the walls.  

Our client came to us after she had gone on a long trip throughTuscany, following an unexpected life-changing experience.  She subsequently had a home built in the hills outside of the city in the classical architecture ofItalyand wanted the interior to reflect that aesthetic.  The client also wanted us to keep her family, particularly her father, in mind as we planned out the various rooms.  In fact, there were many family heirlooms that she wanted to incorporate in our design so keeping family front and center was of paramount importance.

 We were honored to help this client see her vision through to the end.  To do so, we selected hand-made, heirloom-quality furnishings throughout the home, along with accessories that created a long-lived feeling.  In the home office we placed the saddle and chaps that belonged to our client’s father, a Wyoming Rancher.  We decided to divide the downstairs large room into a family room, a bar, and a pool table area, in addition to installing a custom wine cellar.  How could we do Tuscanywithout a proper place to store the vino?