NW Transitional

Categories: ////26 Jan 2012

After they traveled the world, these two lovebirds settled down and started a family.  As the family grew, the once-living room became an active playroom for their two growing boys.  We were hired to reclaim this room as an intimate, adult gathering space.  The room in this 1970s split-level presented us with 15’-high walls, sloping ceilings, and a stained-glass window the clients adored.  Plus, we were asked to incorporate into the design the recently-purchased leather sofa and chairs. 

This design started with the color scheme, and we were seeing warm earth tones and shades of blues in harmony with the stained-glass window.  We decided to replace the carpet with solid hardwood and specified a powder-blue silk rug to ground the room’s purpose.  In this space our key elements were wood and stone, both plentiful in the Northwest, and we made a point of adding additional lighting to create new layers of ambiance.  We replaced the arched brick fireplace with a square opening in a natural stone façade, while also designing a customer mantel and set of shelves to house the client’s global keepsakes.  The coffee table, which reads more as a large piece of cargo, doubles as a storage space.  

Our real show-stopper in this room was the two antique carved doors, each over seven feet tall, which flank the room’s rising walls.  Before we put them up, we added a rich grass cloth that also adds organic texture to the room.  The ultimate effect is a welcoming transitional space that encourages gathering and community, conversation and debate, family and friends.